The great female exodus

“Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”   Those were the words of movie star and beauty icon Hedy Lamarr (pictured in featured image). What is less well known about Lamarr is that she was also an inventor, helping to develop a communications system that was […]

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Sleepwalking into segregation

The growing tensions between the Middle East and ‘The West’ have considerably heightened in recent weeks, following the latest string of attacks in Europe, Africa, and in Syria. It is a global crisis that has bulldozed its way into all our lives, and unlikely to leave politely.   It was whilst reading the endless news reports […]

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Selfie Vs Selfless

Somewhat paradoxically, the society we have built is the post-apocalyptic ruin of an age of rampant individualism. It is the unfortunate side effect of the narcissism epidemic, which has now firmly taken hold in this culture of self entitlement and self importance. Inevitably leading to a social and moral decline; the ubiquity of which can be seen […]

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You can be anyone, even yourself…

To truly know oneself, and to be comfortable enough to express it, are probably two of the most difficult tasks we face. This is not to say we are discouraged from being ourselves, but rather, one should only stand as far from the crowd as not to cause concern. All things in moderation, even yourself. The irony comes from […]

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